About This Parcel Viewer

Welcome to the Van Buren County Interactive Map Portal, your comprehensive digital gateway to in-depth parcel and land ownership information across the county. This interactive platform is designed to serve as a vital resource for landowners, prospective buyers, developers, researchers, and the general public interested in the intricacies of land use, ownership, and geographical data in Van Buren County.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accessible, accurate, and up-to-date geographical information that supports informed decision-making, enhances understanding of county land dynamics, and facilitates efficient property management and planning.


The Van Buren County Interactive Map offers a wide array of features and data layers, including:

  • Parcel Information: Detailed records of land parcels, including ownership details, parcel boundaries, and unique identifiers.
  • Subdivisions: Click on this layer to download the original subdivision maps.
  • Taxation Data: Comprehensive information on property taxes, assessments, and historical tax data to aid in financial planning and analysis.
  • Valuation Details: Insights into property valuations, helping users understand market trends and property worth.
  • Drain Information: Detailed mapping of drainage systems, crucial for infrastructure planning and environmental management.
  • Roads and Transportation: Extensive mapping of county roads, highways, and transportation networks, facilitating travel planning and logistic considerations.
  • Aerial Imagery: High-resolution aerial photographs providing a bird's-eye view of properties and landscapes, enhancing visual understanding of the terrain.
  • Additional Layers: Various other geographical and infrastructural data layers are available, offering a holistic view of Van Buren County's landscape.

Interactive Tools

Our interactive map is equipped with user-friendly tools designed to make navigation, search, and data visualization straightforward and efficient. Users can zoom, pan, and switch between different data layers for a customized viewing experience. Advanced search functionalities allow for quick retrieval of specific parcel information, owner details, or geographical features.

Accessibility and Updates

We are committed to ensuring our platform is accessible to all users and continuously updated to reflect the latest data and technological advancements. Regular updates and maintenance ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

Contact and Feedback

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We encourage users to contact us with suggestions, questions, or comments to help us improve the interactive map and better serve the Van Buren County community.

Thank you for visiting the Van Buren County Interactive Map Portal. We hope this tool empowers you with the information you need to explore, understand, and make informed decisions about land and property in Van Buren County.

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