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Welcome to Van Buren County's Interactive Land Patent and PLSS Viewer, a cutting-edge digital platform designed to explore the rich tapestry of land ownership, surveying history, and current land ownership in our county. This tool combines historical data, modern mapping technology, and up-to-date land parcel and aerial imagery to provide a comprehensive and multifaceted view of our county's landscape.

Public Land Survey System (PLSS)

Dive into the foundational Public Land Survey System (PLSS), the standardized method for surveying and dividing public lands in the United States since the 1780s. The PLSS organizes land into a grid of townships and sections, simplifying land identification and description. This system has been instrumental in the orderly sale, settlement, and development of land across the nation, laying the groundwork for modern land ownership and management.

Land Patents

Explore the origins of land ownership in Van Buren County with our Land Patent Viewer. This feature provides access to the original Land Patents issued in the 1830s, the first deeds by the government transferring public lands to private ownership. Hosted by the United States Bureau of Land Management, these documents offer invaluable insights into early settlement patterns and the development of our county.

Current Land Parcels and Aerial Imagery

In addition to historical insights, our interactive map offers a real-time view of Van Buren County through detailed current land parcel information and high-resolution aerial imagery. This feature allows users to visualize the present-day landscape, understand land use, and explore the evolution of specific parcels over time. Whether you're researching property boundaries, planning development, or simply curious about the county's geography, these tools provide an unparalleled perspective on our community.

Designed for a wide audience including historians, genealogists, educators, students, and residents, our interactive map is a gateway to both the past and present of Van Buren County. By marrying historical records with contemporary land and aerial data, we offer a dynamic and engaging tool for exploring our county's heritage, understanding its current state, and planning for its future.


2024 will see the release of historic Plat Book information aligned to the current map, so users will easily be able to see both current and historic land ownership. Plus, we are working on bringing you a rich history of aerial photos of the county, from the 1950's to present.

We invite you to explore Van Buren County through this interactive map, a testament to our commitment to preserving our heritage while embracing the capabilities of modern technology and providing valuable resources for land management and planning.

Original Land Patents & Public Land Survey System Viewer (beta)

Van Buren County, MI

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