The Parcel History Viewer

This Van Buren County internet mapping application offers users an innovative way to explore parcel data across various years, dating back to 2004. Designed to provide a comprehensive view of parcel boundaries, ownership changes, valuation, and tax information, this tool is invaluable for anyone looking to understand the historical and current landscape of property data in Van Buren County. Initially launching with a selection of key years, the application is set to expand, with plans to incrementally include additional data from other years as resources allow. This dynamic platform is tailored for users who need detailed property insights, from historical changes to present configurations, making it an essential resource for property owners, potential buyers, researchers, and planning professionals in Van Buren County.

To use the Parcel History Viewer, use the legend to turn on the parcels for the year you want to review (2004 and current parcels are active at start-up by default). Use the slider tool to see changes, or click on a parcel to see ownership, tax, and valuation details for each year.

Parcel History Viewer

Van Buren County, MI

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